Born in Islington in the swinging 60’s allowed me the opportunity to experience growing up in the brilliantly diverse and multicultural capital city that is of course London. Through my early years and into my teens, living in Muswell Hill allowed me to live in busy London whilst being able to also experience the escapism, tranquility and natural beauty of Highgate Woods in all it’s historical glory. Two exact opposites.

At the age of 21, my working life in media began when I landed a job at EMAP Specialist Titles selling advertising space in a number of magazines. I soon realised that Monday mornings would have my then editor showing interest in the images I placed on his desk of what I had taken the weekend before. I would insure the images were appropriate and illustrated clearly any editorial pieces I knew were coming up. I expressed an interest to the editor that I’d really like to be trained as a photographer, he put me alongside the existing staff photographer to gain valuable experience. And so it all began.

Many young guns think they know it all and I was no exception. I soon took off into the world of freelancing as a press photographer. After all, I wouldn’t have to get up too early and could choose when and where I worked for as much dollar as I could get away with charging. Happy days! Although the reality was quite different to my wishful, idealistic thinking.

Commissions happened fairly regular every month, eventually leading to being offered a monthly retainer. The work was all magazine based to include publications about cars, jewellery, angling, horses, shooting and golf. In addition to advertising shots for our magazine advertisers.

I now have a small art studio where I have large format digital print facilities and photographic studio.

Over the last couple years, I have watched the world embrace UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) technology and witnessed the tremendous leaps gained in aerial digital imaging – both moving and stills. It is in this field of aerial digital imaging that I am now concentrating, with around 40 identified sectors where drone filming and photography can be applied.

I am currently studying for my Masters at Falmouth University to further enhance and master my understanding and knowledge of photography to offer my clients an aerial imaging service delivered by a true creative professional.

Last year I qualified as a UAV pilot after an examination, flight assessment and writing a Operations Manual of acceptable standard to the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority). This now allows me to begin my new practice on non land-based photography for commercial operation. And so the next chapter begins…